Defend Dutch Natural Health

Abuse of new Law against Designer Drugs

We ask you for help to prevent the pharmaceutical lobby from weaponizing a new Dutch law for synthetic novel psychoactive substances against natural products:

It would only take the addition of a single Dutch sentence in it to prevent the worst. Please inform Dutch legislators about your concern via the public comment form at the link above.

The Alliance for Natural Health did the very same successfully 3 years ago in the German precursor of this NPS law:

That precursor law threatened 10 years of prison, did not exclude naturals and explicitly stated that the compound did not even need to have notable psych activity to be criminalized as an NPS!  (seriously)

It’s a revolting thought, that this German text bug creeped back into this new Dutch law text – and that this might end the Netherlands from being the Bulwark of Liberty for natural health solutions.

The Price for Liberty is eternal Vigilance, let your voice be heard at :

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