SITSA passed – DSHEA killed on Tuesday?

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The world and the Natural Health Movement has been fooled by Pharma Spin. We were made believe that the SITSA Act has been defused for good by the Pocan Amendment.

But but the Amendment was rejected in a last minute effort by the Pharma Lobby. As soon as Tuesday SITSA can pass.This is not the End of Fentanyl and alike. This charade was done by the book to become the beginning of the End dor DSHEA and natural pain killers for natural harm reduction.

The as a decentralized movement is calling all of you to alert your Members immediatly. We need immediate acting as this scheme nearly led to a ban on any plant material and claim to cause general well being in Germany. This is the final call to wake up and show your true colors – of being nothing but a controlled opposition group or the genuine movements that most of you once were. Are you with us or them. This thing is real and a broad disinformation campaign is in full swing to blindfold the people by the thought, that someone elso will do their work. They will not.
We have the strong feeling that there is ony a handfull of us left. So let this job be done by the people and for the people – decentralized. We welcome all of you to leave a note here in this open list and call on your members. AMANDLA!

just picked this up, missing the point? the Pocan Amendment excluding Natural compounds got rejected, the Sitsa Act passed the House:´´´´


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