Vanillin – Health Benefits Vergessenes Wissen

German: Fast vergessenes Wissen zur Verwendung von Vanille. Danke für die Zusendung des Bildes! Die Anwendung von Vanillin gegen Trübsinnigkeit ist seit dem 17ten Jahrhundert bekannt – aber inzwischen vollkommen in Vergessenheit geraten. Ich hoffe, jemand kann hier posten, wieviel man da in Gramm für was genau braucht 🙂

English: Almost forgotten, Vanilla has been used against Depression and Nervous Issues since the 17th century. This excellent Info Graph sums up, what modern science neglected. Vanillin can not be patented, so no one will talk about it. We need higher financial Rewards for research in novel natural products bringing back forgotten Treasures of Traditional Medicine. Especially we need Traditional Healers explaining, how exactly one has to use Vanilla for certain conditions. In animal research doses of 10 to 100mg have been examined for the named conditions – with positive results. I personally have found 2 grams at ones of pure Vanillin surprisingly active. But then, I am a Trainer and i urge you to only use it under supervision of an MD, Naturopath or registered Traditional Healer. Consult an expert, especially if you have any Problems with Bloodpressure, high or low.

Vanilla Plants

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