Save Millions of Lives in 5 Minutes for Natural Health- Please read and act today:
90.000 Americans died in the last 12 Month by the opiate epidemic – triggered by a decade of reckless marketing of pharmaceutical pain killers. Now, some elements in the FDA try to abuse the WHO to globally ban the most effective natural alternative to the pharmaceutical Opiate epidemic: the leaves of the kratom Tree.

Kratom alkaloids are used traditionally since ancient times and scientific research confirmed that they act against Opiate addiction (just one of the latest of 20 Years of Kratom research

90.000 deaths by synthetic Opiates and the FDA bans the only natural alternative?

An outcry by Millions of Citizens has stopped the FDA in 2016 to ban Kratom in the USA. Now, the pharmaceutical PR Lobby wants to abuse the WHO to do their dirty job and globally ban Kratom: The FDA added the natural remedy Kratom to a WHO request to ban several synthetic drugs. The life saver Kratom got sandwhiched in between indeed toxic and addictive synthetics.

WE ONLY GOT until tomorrow: Quickly inform yourself and act against the latest FDA attempt to abuse the WHO to eliminate Kratom as a natural competition to pharmaceutical drugs.
Please do so personally and use the public comment form behind the following link. The dropdown menu is a bit confusing, click individual Consumer or health professional – or whatever you really are. We are Millions of Natural Health Advocates, speak out now in just 5 Minutes of your time:

Not sure About Kratom? Then please read this recent study funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse concluded that kratom is an effective treatment for pain, helps users reduce their use of opioids, and is “relatively safe” to use.

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