Support Alliance for Natural Health and their call change the SITSA ban of natural Alternatives

Wake up the natural health community about SITSA!

The Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) has created a very effective and easy to use campaign against the SITSA bill and its broad language that could ban any Herb by including it under this supposed Synthetic Analogue Opioids bill.  It is crucial that all of us commit to go full force in contacting our state Legislators and to share this campaign with everyone we know to bring it to attention of representatives in Washington, D.C. to protect natural Alternatives to patented drugs!

We all need to do this now:

  1. Complete the campaign at:

  1. Express our support for ANH for picking up the torch
  2. Contact them so that they circulate the information widely to members of Congress. Warn them that in the U.K., the 2016 ban of Plants as an accessible Tool of Harm reduction for Opiate Patients was followed by a doubling of pharma opiates and heroin deaths within 2 years. Stop this genocide of the most vulnerable patients that depend on the accessibility of effective natural alternatives.

Who is with us for forwarding the ANH call to all Congressmen? Let it go viral. Use the power of this 3rd party (ANH) that is more recognized in health politics than any other NGO. We must urge ANH to hold Congressmen accountable and demand more than a lip service. ANH must keep this issue at the top of their Website – unmasking the pharmaceutical Plot that abused SITSA. This well intended law banning derivatives of  Killer drugs like Fentanyl was changed in the last minute so it can ban virtually every natural compound. The Pocan Amendment to SITSA excluded Plants and Extracts. It got kicked out by pharmaceutical interest groups in the last Minute. If the natural health community does not alert every politician on this perversion of health law it will loose Plant after plant in the coming years. The last minute dropping of the crucial Pocan Amendment was no accident. It was part of long planned strategy by the Spin Doctors of the pharmaceutical investment industry.

Our Comment as  Sacrificing 100.000 Human lives to protect patented Pain medications that have become the most common cause of death for US Citizens below 40 is no petty crime. it is still 100% legal. As long as such schemes are not punished as organized crime we will continue this constant uphill battle to save effective natural alternatives. So please join the call of the ANH but also consider to ask your political representives also to end this slow but inevitable elimination of natural health by calling for the criminalization of funding PR and legal attacks on natural health by profits made of patented synthetic or biotech drugs. We for our part have enough of constantly loosing perfectly save natural products under the disguise of consumer protection. The recent ban of Tumeric extracts in pharmacies that get prescribed by health practitioners is a perfect example of the things to come – if we continue to tolerate this slow death of natural therapies by lobbyism and investment groups.

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