List of natural TNF Inhibitors

news: EGCG GreenTea Extract Targeted In RASFF System

As the rumors of an “Action 23” by the EU Commission became reality, here is a list of natural antiinflammatories that lower the TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor). This list was copied from the the educational campaign against the proposed online trade ban. None of the compounds got banned yet – except EGCG Extract from green tea received an Alert in the EU RASFF system already from Denmark. EGCG has been researched extensivly by the maverick Vitamin Reseacher Dr. Matthias Rath agains cancer cells. He was able to cause apoptosis in cancer cells in combination with other micronotrients. This is the very first supplement receiving an ALERT Status in RASFF which usually ends in mandatory product removals and EU wide trade bans. The RASFF System has been used for decades to remove products from the market that were contaminated with Salmonella Bacteria. Which made a lot of sense for pubic health. Its probably no coincidence that EGCG is the very first supplement tarketed beyond the 4 originally named ingredients in Action  23. EGCG is a TNF inhibitor. Here is the other


Supplement inhibiting TNF

 Other natural TNF Inhibitors

Carnosin ( R )


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