Percocet Producers PR Company "Insight Factory" (1/1)

Stop making this a guessing game – did the PR company of extremly competetive Opioid Seller Endo select the cases of Kratom users with suppossed Salmonella by posting and reading social media? Is Ovigly still posting as the CDC on Reddit? Is this the reason why not a single Kratom product could be named by CDC or FDA?
Huffington Post found out that nearly all suppored "Kratom deaths" were either Homicides, Suicides, or abuse of prescription drugs. Did Oviglys "Big Insight Factory" for Social Media manufacture the Data used by the CDC and FDA? If yes then your President might not like that his CDC and FDA rely on an Opioid producers PR company – and push so openly for the ban for the only non-pateted natural support to wean off prescription drugs. 500.000 Americans died from breathing supprression by opioid overdose in the past 10 years. Not a single kratom only death could be found, it is virtually impossible to overdose it with respiratory arrest. I wonder if any of the Save Kratom organizations is not controlled opposition. Took me 5 Minutes in google to find the Fact that Endo Pharmas PR is contracted partner of the CDCs social media activities. Anyone can find out if they are still active and if yes, who decided to use Data fabricated by big Pharma PR to ban natural alternatives. Please we must find out if they were collecting and selecting this data – or if we suffer from delusions. Natural health advocates that keep silence on this issue should be asked why ASAP. Do not let your energy for social change evaporate by supporting Trojan Horses. Most consumer advocate groups today are stooges of the industry. Judge them by their action, not their lipservice.
This Quote is from Huffington Post:
Almost all of the FDA’s cases involve subjects who were found to be on multiple substances at the time of their death, with the vast majority including either illicit or prescription drugs that carry well-known fatal risks.

One incident describes a teenager who had hanged himself after struggling with depression and prescription drug abuse. He tested positive for a variety of drugs, including kratom, as well as alcohol and a handful of prescription drugs.

A passage from a medical examiner’s report on a case the FDA includes in its list of kratom-associated deaths.
Another case involves a man who had fallen out a window, broken his arm and refused treatment before dying. He was ultimately found to have had nine different substances in his bloodstream, among them mitragynine, the primary psychoactive substance in kratom.

FDA’s list of kratom-related deaths also includes a 43-year-old man determined to have died from complications due to deep vein thrombosis. He had a long list of medical problems, including chronic back and shoulder pain and a history of alcohol and prescription drug abuse. At the time of his death, he’d recently been prescribed five different medicines. His toxicology test came back positive for opioids, benzodiazepines ― best known as Xanax ― anti-depressants and a medication apparently used to treat his Tourette’s syndrome. He also tested positive for kratom. (end of quotation)

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