Vote for Right to Try Kratom

After 500.000 Americans killed by the Pharmaceutical Epidemic


Let your Voice be heard by telling why exactly you applaud the couragous Enactment of the Right to Try bill to live saving alternative Treatments.

Save free Access to Kratom by creating the urgently
needed statistical Data on its Impact on Public Health


Background of this campaign

The FDA´s approved “save and effective” Pharmaceuticals have tiggered an Epidemic that kills Americans faster than WW I, II + Vietnam War combined

Even though FDA approved Opioids killed already 20.000 American in 2015 and ever rising Death rates the FDA dared to called for the Ban of

This year 9 Scientists called on the DEA to not Schedule Kratom, because:
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  • FDA’s Fake Kratom deaths “cannot be supported by any reasonable scientific or medical standard.”
  • Kratom is distinctly different acting on  receptors than classic Opioids
  • Scheduling Kratom will inevitably lead to many more Death

The FDA does not tell you the full truth

  • An FDA approved Herbal Medicine is impossible
  • New Drug Approvals cost 3 Billion Dollars (Source)
  • $  for a single FDA approved Substance
  • Kratom has 50+ pharmaceutically active ingredients
  • An FDA Drug approval of Kratom would cost 150 Billion Dollars
    150 Billion $ for a non-patented Herb is Economic Suicide for Investors

Without the Right to Try, none of the Herbs in Gods creating will ever be used legally to treat a disease. You may call  will ever If we dont stand up against this evil, all Herbs will stay illegal Herbal Sickening pharmaceutical Laws banned all devine Herbs from Earth

Herbal Medicine will be iDrug law effectivly banned all Plants form Medicine

made for Humans Gods Herbal medicines got effectivly banned by evil

study 2014  by the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development (TCSDD), the cost of developing a new drug, from research and development (R&D) to marketing approval, is approximately $2.9 billion. This includes actual out-of-pocket costs averaging $1.4 billion, opportunity costs of nearly $1.2 billion, and the cost of post-approval studies amounting to $312 million.

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