Glaxo Patent on Kratom from 1970 found only “Minimal side effects…in contrast to Codeine”

Glaxo never made use of this patent to develop a pharmaceutical – because profitable patent was not possible

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The pharmaceutical company Glaxo Smith Kline blocked potential Kratom products by competitors with a prohibitiv patent in 1970. Nothing special because this blocking strategy is pretty much standart procedure for producers of patented pharmaceuticals.
The patent prooves that at least Glaxo Smith Kline knows since nearly 50 years about Kratoms only “minimal side effects” compared to the classic opioids currently killing 70.000 American citizens. The study concludes “This is in contrast to codeine which causes ermesis, restlessness or depression at analgetic dosages”

How many of the 500.000 Americans that were suffocated by the allopathic opioids  could still live, if there would have been an incentive to invest substancial funds and research to develop a superior, life saving pain killer? We need a call for a government funded research project that has got but one goal: Invest in the approval process for a Kratom based unpatented product that classic MDs could legally prescribe and get covered by health insurance. Imagine how much financial burden on our society could be released by a president that has already has publicly identified Endo Pharma´s oxymorphone opioid  as “this truely evil drug” before banning it.

Case you wonder what happend then: Even this couragous president will need a while before he can visibly drain the Swamp in the FDA to put people before pharmaceutical profits. Imagine how the USA could take leadership´against pain as todays most common disease!

The Dietary Supplement Health and Eduction act of 1994 (DSHEA) has made the USA the Bulwark of Liberty for advancements in the global nutraceutical industry.
Government funding of the crucial research is needed to approve Kratom as an accessible Treatment would help to allivate the suffering of the 19% of Americans that suffer from chronic pain.

The possible profit margins might be considered unattractive to the investment business with disease. But american government supported non profit organizations could use all generated profits to further improve nutrition based medicine for officially approved and effective herbal products.  Honestly even all revenues generated by cannabis dispensaries could get flushed back into developing such products – while funding public prevention and treatment programs for addiction. All critics against drug legalization would loose their core argument if trade of drugs like cannabis would only be allowed for registered non Profit organizations with none of its employeed earning more that 2000 Euros/months. To ensure that greed with never again determine how these controversial substances will be marketed: natural public health can be establised as the driving force of this non-profit industry with millions of employeed making a decent living – without any of the obscene profits of a few investors.

Before the US President could make history by liberating human health…well until that New molecules, new chemical Structures are needed to enjoy the kind of exclusivity that investors need to gain their desired proft margins.

The issue itself might appear as a “conspiracy” to laypersons unfamiliar with the market mechanisms. But How many more citizens will loose their loved ones to archaiv opioid pharmaceuticals until public funding starts to register natural products on its own “Fast Track approval Process for traditional herbal medicine”?

The full Text of the Patent on an alkoholic Extract of Mitragyna Speciosa form 24.02.1970 can be found here:

The Patent specifies the the Alkoholic Extract of Kratom that was subjected to an Acid/Base extraction like this, quote:
“Thus oral administration to mice, rats and dogs produces analgesia and similar administration to dogs produces an antitussive elfect. Of particular significance is that these activities are obtained with minimal side effects. This is in contrast to codeine which causes ermesis, restlessness or depression at analgetic dosages. In addition, the crystalline alkaloid has much less effect on the motility of the gastrointestinal tract as measured by charcoal meal propulsion than codeine, de-me-rol or morphine. This alkaloid has less depressant eilect on blood pressure and respiration than codeine with no apparent cardiovascular liabilities. Decreased toxicity is also observed in comparison to codeine.”

Blocking scientific progress via patents is part of the grand ethical dilemma of Pharma investors. Because, honestly spoken, only an idiot would bet 100 Million $ on the development of a free market product that can instantly copied by its competitors. So here we have the justification for the exorbitant profit margin that allowed this industry to dominate modern health care.

Society has forced itself to treat all health defects of highly complex biologic beings that are “alive” exclusivly with essentially dead, synthetic chemicals that are totally unknown to its biochemical processes and metabolism. No wonder that liver problems and other side effects seemingly disrupt life itself. Being a ..novel  alien substance that never had to be metabolized before by our liver, well that is the essence of the business with disease. Imagine how many of the 500.000 Americans that suffocated by the respiratory depression that go hand in hand with classic opiods like Heroin, Oxycodone or even Fentanyl. No matter how sickening the essence of this business looks. Its totally legal…

Does anyone have the crucial quotes on the pharma funded Organiztion that this washington Post article might refer too? I am not craving to pay monthly fees for finding our the name of it. But it,might be important information:

So i hope someone can help us out here. In mean time, have a look at this. It will take a while before the “allmighty”  pharmaceutical indutry will come to grips on how deep its CEOs are in trouble. Finally we got an American President that recognized that the pharmaceutical industry itself has become an obstacle towards “health for all”.

Look at this article: on the arrest of the Billionaire CEO of the Fentanyl spray company:

I know, that many here in Germany have been antagonized by our media against President Trump. But just try to imagine if Angela Merkel would arrest the very first pharmaceutical CEO on the very day that the she declares the opioid crisis a “national emergency”. At least for now we all should think what each of us could do to support such couragous move by the president.

So what do you think, will the USA become once again the liberator of a population held hostage by a handful of players of the investment business with disease. What could you do to support him?

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