If even Wheat, Soy, Hops and Kratom contain Opioids…

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Kratom contains Opioids – Just like PeppermintWheatSoyHops, and even Spinach contain psychoactive Opioids! (Pls click links to get to the Studies) The question is not if Kratom contains opioids – but how these differ from the highly addictive Poppy Opiats.

The most overlooked Fact behind the Pharma PR against the „bad“ Opioid Kratom: There hardly seems to exist a food plant, that does not contain Opioids of all kinds as pharmacologic treats. (please find all the Scientific studies below)

Cannabinoids and Opioids are most common in Human Nutrition as the studies below confirm. Farmers favoured such plants for Milennia, causing an even higher level as occurs naturally in most plants. One can enjoy good food and Herbs indeed as a drug. A little self observation on your mood after a dinner at an indian restaurant might help you to begin your personal Journey use Food to stabilize or alter your mood. Binge eating of fast food has been exposed as targeted food design to increase sales numbers. Nothing ensures constandt product purchases better that a customer addicted to your food by twisting his opioid receptors.  Our Food Industry utilizes this knowledge in Food Design since decades. The popularity of the Cheeseburgers has been closely linked by its habit forming Casomorphin opioid content from milk and Gluteomorphin from wheat bread.

Food withdrawal symptoms for food opioids are the reason most poeple have problems resistiung their favourite Food. One popular Author suspects claims that for about 30% of people, wheat withdrawal is a real, palpable, and sometimes incapacitating experience.

The Naturetrust has been able to gather substancial Funding for the necessary Research on such Kratom Protocol. Please consider to support us once we have been legally set up as an non-profit organization. You can immeditaly help us by taking part in our Questionaire to identify the measurable markers of a possible withdrawal and tolerance reduction. Link to Questionaire

Most Foods/Herbs are pharmaceutically active – Thanks God!
Scientific Studies on Opioids and Cannabinoids in Human Nutrition

Natural Opioids and Cannabinoids are omnipresent in Nature and Culture.
Most natural opioids differ greatly from todays Epidemic causing synthetic Opiats of the Morphine kind. Natural occuring opioids in Milk (Casomorphine) are contributing to better health of growing children by promoting restful sleep and appetite.

The most prominent save Opioid and a similary save natural Cannabinoid were presented by the wise 3 Kings to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ at birth:

An Opioid: Myrrh is an opioid used savely for Milennia: Link to Study

The FDA may be surprised that Myrrh is used at least since 2000 to increase the effect of alcohol and until today gets insufflated and smoked for a „High“: https://drugs-forum.com/threads/entheogenic-use-of-myrrh.46468/ But even though it contains an active opioid there is not a single case of addiction or respiratory arrest by myrrh reported. Quite a good savety record for 2000 years that shows that „Opioid“ does not equal „Evil“ if it comes from Gods creation instead of a Pharma Laboratory.

A save Cannabiniod and Anti-Inflammatory: Francicense (click for study)
Its Cannabinoid like ingredients act as very effective Anti-Inflammatory drugs – pain killing and quite elevating in a spiritual way without feeling „drugged“ or addicted. The active Opioids are not addictive or reinforcing. The main reason why governments like Germany banned it from oral food supplements. Myrrh as a gift of God was too effective for the Profits of its huge pharmaceutical lobby.

Hops contains Myrcene an opioid receptors agonist and studies have shown that the opioid antagonist naxalone blocks Myrcene’s effects. (This is the most regognized identification of an Opioid). We are confident, that the FDA will only act upon the highly addicted Nature of this Alcohol/Opiod if any saled of a patented drugs might be endangered.

Common Sugar causes Opioid withdrawal after binges with it

Soymorphins are mu opioid peptides becoming bioavailable while digestion and have anxiolytic activities. orally administered soymorphins suppress food intake and small intestinal transit via mu(1)-opioid receptor coupled to 5-HT(1A), D(2), and GABA(B) systems. Explanation: Soymorphins act as Opioids of the Morphin class plus the routes of Valium like Gaba Agonists plus an SRI Antidepressivum like Prozac. 

Wheat contains Gliadorphin (also known as gluteomorphin) is an opioid peptide that is formed during digestion of the gliadin component of the gluten protein.


Black Pepper
 contains the terpene, beta-caryophyllene (βCP), and is a cannabinoid receptor 2 (CB2) agonist

Will the FDA also Schedule these 100% confirmed Cannabinoids:

Flax, its Seeds and whole Plant

Maca, Increases Endocannabinoids by blocking their breakdown
Kava Kava

Cafeteria-style diet of energy-dense (high fat and/or high carbohydrate) food, including bacon, sausage, cheesecake, pound cake, frosting and chocolate Withdrawal from this addictive frood disrupted the functioning of the reward System (indicator for addiction) similar to Nicotine, Cocain and Alcohol  – but  even longer than these highly addictive drugs(Fig. 1b).

Meat consumers also have a substancial uptake of Opioids from Albumin in Blood and even Digestion of Hemoglobin


174 OPIAT Deaths/Day were also groomed by reckless, yet perfectly legal Pharmaceutical Industry PR Work.

Many insiders know who was involved then. The PR Agencies are affilitated closely to the ones that designed the newest Pharma Spin Campaign to maintain the profitable Opiat Epidemic: Discredit the growing peoples Movement behind the Plant Kratom. The movement recently grew in popularity by a meta Study summarizing 50 years of research –  supporting its high potential as a herbal Harm Reduction Tool: The OPIOID Kratom.

The Leaves of this Tree are used savely since centuries in Asia to curb symptoms of drug withdrawal. Also Science confirmed its potential as a kind of partial „Anti-Opioid“ (Antagonist). Kratom is indeed such Antagonist on 2 of the 3 known Opioid Receptors. The Scientists researching Kratoms unique way to modulate these Receptors therefore called in 2017 on regulatory institutions to „Rather than banning Kratom, conditions for safe use of kratom ought to be vigorously pursued.“ and another one from 2018 hints at Kratoms Potential zu avoid many Opioid overdose deaths by this save and accessible Harm Reduction.

Kratom as a harm reducing Opioid is confirmed by dozens of Studies! 

Claiming it is not an Opioid would serve only an FDA/Pharma Collusion
in its Ramp up towards a Kratom Ban

Its Grand Design has been leaked not only to us:

1. Discredit by false association to a Salomonella outbreak (Failed)
2. Create controlled Opposition „Fighting“ for Kratom (succeeded)
3. Talk up the Opioid / Not Opioid Discussion as „crucial“ (in process)
4. Herd all Kratom movements behind that false Claim (started)
5. Orchestrate distruction of the movement in Media (prepared, awaited)
6. Discredit movement as dishonest/delusional (Publishers prepped)
7. Schedule Kratom and safe 100 Billion $ Pharma Sales
8. Make your peace with 500.000 Deaths in the coming Decade

Dear CEO involved: This is nothing personal, but better jump your leaking ship now. Let us all agree, that the pharmaceutical Industry can come of with new „ethicals“ of similar tolerable and less addictive 2/3 Antagonist. Until they are developled and approved the spread of Kratom in the Population is merely the preparation of a future 300 Billion Dollar Market.

Consider this: of the 19% of the Population that suffer from chronic Pain, most hesitate to use the most effective Pain medications. Because the old class of Opioids has been demonized quite correctly as highly addictive and killing more than if Both worldwars + Vietnam war would ravage simultanously.

What better than a credible peoples Movement preparing a much wider public acceptance of 2/3 Antagonist/Agonists than the current Opiats will ever have.

If that prospect does not convice you, try that:
Anyone found guilty for misleading  the Public about Opioids and what Kratom is will be hit by the full force of the law. Be aware that a just President that calls for a death penalty against drug dealers has that right for street dealer since a long time. Such panelty would be a premiere only against Pharma CEOs and their PR Companies.
Misleading the American Public on Opioids to boost the sales of Opiats is no gentelmans deslict. 500.000 dead Americans in 10 years are might be still forgivable. Its unlikely that with so many leaks about you will make it till 1 Million and stay personally unharmed.

Crucial additional Facts on the ill advised FDA strategy

Experts expect 63 600 drug overdose Deaths/Year in the USA, 45 000 from Opioids
(CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics) (Source2: CDC)

Roughly 50% of these will be caused by FDA approved „save“ Medicines:
Thanks to the Opioid Epidemic fuled by the FDA´s  „safe“ Medicines and Strategy, Drug Overdoses are now leading cause of death among Americans under 50.

If Kratom would be at least 1% as deadly as the FDAs approved save Opioids, the 2-5 Million Kratom users in the US would have caused at least 450 Fatalities. But the FDA came up only 0,1%  and all turned out to be mistakes or fakes, as you please: 44 Fake Kratom Deaths (Nationwide) all got publicly debunked to be Suicides, Homicides or falling out of a Windows…or combination of up to 8 Substances known for Overdoses

The FDA Fake Data on Kratom „death“contradicts 58 Years of Scientific 

The newest and most complete Metastudy from 2018  by Marc Swogger :
Kratoms Potential to Curb Opioid Addiction and Tool of Harm Reduction.
(Source: NIH)

So lets summarise: Kratom killed near to none while FDA Drugs kill 65.000 People (Round about half of them Benzodiazepines or combinations of both)


All deaths were caused by either Fentanyl, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone, Morphine or Heroin. Are there safer Medication that attach to the Opioid Receptor to calm the craving for Opioids?

Well, it turns out all currently used psychopharmaca used currently in withdrawal clinics are Opioids themselves – but very few Medical Doctors are aware of this well studied pharmacologic fact. Except Serotonine Reuptake inhibitors of the Prozac type, all Antidepressants used in withdrawal are examples of „atypical“ Opioids. Just like the embattled Herb Mitragyna Speciosa…

God forgive them, they do not know what they are doing…
Nearly all of todays effective Antidepressants are atypical Opioids, too…

Most effectiv Antidepressants work because they are partial Opioid agonists!

Even the oldest Tricyclic antidepressants turned out to have Affinity to the Opioid Receptors. But the Drug companies got them classified for their other ability as monoamine reuptake inhibitors, Neuroleptic and god knows what else…but never for what determines their Antidepressant effectivness. All of them are atypical or partially Opioids but as no Pharma Sales Reps travel the country to spread this inconvenient pharmacologic Fact knowledge to practicing MDs. However in pharmaceutical research studies this opioid activity is basic knowledge. (Source: pls Scroll drown to the Headline „Introduction“, long quote of a NIH punlished Study.)

So what makes an atypical opioid like mirtazapine  (Bestseller number 4 globally for Depression) less an opioid then Kratom? Well, low doses of Mirtazapine make very tired. Higher ones get you racing. Sounds just like the opposite of Kratoms main active ingredient names Mitragynine, an atypical opioid.

Mirtazapines opioid receptor hugging made it a number 1 choice for Opioid withdrawal clinics in Europe and the USA. But if you ask the prescribing doctors, if they are aware that Mirtazapine presciption for that purpose is treating of Opioid Addiction with an atypical Opioid…less then 10% know about this well concealed talent of Mirtazapine!
But the much lesser withdrawal of Mitrazapine compared to Morphine shows that being in Opiate is much more complex feature than Pharma PR tries to make us believe. So if Patients are tapered down to zero in the clinics they are leaving them with prescriptions for either Mirtazapine or Seroquel or Tricyclic Antidepressants. Once they stop taking those in the coming months they mysteriosly „relaps“ without ever haven been free from opioids. Just substituted with an antidepressive Opioid. There it is: a broken heart ans another lost battle in the mindless war in drugs. While Opioids and Cannabiniods have been with us all our live in the Food that helped us to grow up and become mature. Foods made of plants given to us by God – and robbed from us by his advesaries here on earth. So it seems.
Godspeed and yours sincerely, Puky Polit
Original Study on opioid activity of most antidepressants

Antidepressants, and in particular tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs), have long been known to interact with the opioid system. A number of studies have shown that the administration of opioid receptor antagonists reverses the anti-nociceptive effects of TCAs (,), and that TCAs potentiate morphine-induced analgesia in both animals and humans (). Moreover, in animal behavioural tests predictive of antidepressant activity in humans, such as the forced swimming and learned helplessness tests, the antidepressant action of TCAs has been found to be antagonized by blockade of opioid receptors (). Although these studies support the involvement of the opioid system in the therapeutic activity of TCAs, how these drugs act on opioid neurotransmission has not been completely elucidated.

We have recently reported that a number of TCAs bind to and activate distinct opioid receptors with a preference for either δ- or κ-opioid receptor subtypes (; receptor nomenclature follows ). For instance, amoxapine displayed higher potency and efficacy at δ-opioid receptors, whereas amitriptyline, nortriptyline, desipramine and imipramine showed higher agonist activity at κ-opioid receptors. At the µ-opioid receptor, these drugs had low affinity and no significant agonist activity. From a pharmacodynamic point of view, the agonist activity at opioid receptors appears to be a unique property. In fact, these drugs, besides blocking monoamine transporters, have generally been found to behave as antagonists of neurotransmitter receptors (). As the receptor stimulation occurred at concentrations compatible with the brain levels reached by these drugs, we proposed that the direct agonist activity at opioid receptors could contribute to the analgesic and antidepressant actions of TCAs. However, it remains to be examined whether this property is typical of TCAs or shared by other structurally different antidepressants.


In the present study, we investigated the actions of mianserin on opioid receptors by using both heterologous and homologous expression systems. We also examined the effects of mirtazapine, as this newer antidepressant is structurally and pharmacologically similar to mianserin ().

Part of this study has been presented in an abstract form ().


Das Opiat mit den statistisch meisten Todesfällen wir in Deutschland auf den Pro Kopf Verbrauch in gesehen öfter verwendet als in den USA. Wie kommt es, dass die Todesfälle in den USA so dramatisch häufiger sind? Oder werden in Deutschland Todesfälle durch Opiat Überdosis nur anders gezählt? Hier die Zahlen zum Fentanyl verbrauch aus 2015:


CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics:

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